More than Mechanical Seal Manufacturers

GBSA designs, manufactures and distributes elastomer, metal, plastic and ceramic solutions for custom-engineered or standard components over a wide range of industries and fluid sealing applications.

Custom products may be engineered using size, shape, tolerance and material specifications. With a quick turnaround time, GBSA delivers custom products for industries ranging from agricultural, automotive and mining to material handling, steel and appliances.

GBSA Custom and Standard Products

V Seals


GBSA began as v-seal and oil seal manufacturers, and our experience and expertise in this area have allowed us to become the trusted partner and solution provider for some of the world’s most respected corporations.

V Seals

An ideal seal used for preventing dirt, water or oil. They can be used as a primary or secondary seal for an oil seal, mechanical seal or labyrinth.

Oil Seals

Known for their ability to prevent liquids and lubricants from leaking around rotary shafts and their housings, our oil seals deliver superior performance and outstanding wear.

Custom Rubber Molded Products

Molded Rubber Products

O Rings

Seal passageways and prevent unwanted loss or transfer of fluids. Custom o-ring coatings are available upon request.

Custom Rubber Molding Solutions

GBSA engineers use size, shape and tolerance to determine the design and materials best suited for your job.

Metal Stamping & Machined Metal Parts

Metal Stamping

From counter faces to dust caps, seal retainers and ball bearing races, GBSA has quietly become a leader in the metal stamping industry.

Machined Metal Components

GBSA also offers CNC turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and boring and grinding, allowing us to deliver custom, quality components for your unique application.

Why choose GBSA?

As a customer, you’re our first concern. We promise you an unsurpassed product with an incomparable price. The following are just a few of our value-added services:

  • Custom, in-house testing, first product approvals and failure testing with documentation
  • Unique product manufacturing from exotic materials
  • Just-In-Time inventory program allows you to release product when you need it
  • Kitting for faster receipt of goods and reduction in down time
  • Custom packaging
  • Low tooling costs, long or short runs and one of the fastest “concept to delivery” times in the industry

About GBSA

GBSA started in 1979 as a distributor of v-seals. But before long, we were offering a variety of other products for many industries. As a family-owned and operated company, we believe in the integrity of our products and our people.

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