GBSA works closely with leading manufacturers in the industrial industry to develop solutions for improved cost-efficiency, enhanced reliability and trouble-free operations.

Whether your design needs to aid in sealing, shaping, molding or lifting, you can depend on GBSA’s engineering expertise. In the design of single components or customer-engineered solutions, we’ll help you provide the performance you need to stay competitive.

Areas of Concentration

Oil & Mining

GBSA partners with a number of companies in the oil & mining industries ranging from production and transportation to processing and refining. Our expertise in seal design combined with our years of industry experience allow us to offer you a number of benefits including increased production, reduced downtime, and lower costs.


Pulp & Paper

As increasing regulatory demands strain profits and competition increases, mills are becoming pressed to focus on increased reliability, efficiency and innovation. That’s where GBSA comes in – not only can we offer you a product, but a solution backed by engineering expertise.

Why Partner with GBSA?

  • Locally owned and operated, our staff operates under second-generation leadership committed to unwavering quality in both products and customer service
  • Our engineers can help turn your concept or drawing into a product that works
  • We develop custom solutions unique to your needs, including stocking programs and packaging


Industrial Applications using GBSA Products

  • Pillow blocks
  • Gear boxes
  • Electric motors
  • Encoders
  • Pumps


Recommended Products


Sample Assembly Using GBSA Products