About Us

GBSA’s rich history in seals, rings, molded rubber and machined components spans more than 30 years. Back in 1979, Bernie Casamento and Bob Rutherford decided to use some of their former experience to create a new company.  They would name the new entity GBSA and they’d be involved in the distribution of V-Seals.

Mission Statement
We engineer integrity, perfection and trust into every product we make, every service we offer and every customer we serve.

Their enterprise grew quickly and soon they were offering oil seals, o-rings, molded rubber products, machined and stamped metal, plastics, ceramics and, most recently, parts made from liquid silicone for medical equipment.

GBSA Building PhotoTo expand their facility, GBSA moved from its Mentor location to the new headquarters in Chardon, Ohio.  With the extra space, they expanded their engineering department, incorporated a Just-In-Time Inventory Management System and added a “Kitting” operation, all to enhance customer satisfaction.

Check out some of the videos below from our team. These are instructional and capability oriented videos for your reference: