Just-In-Time Inventory Management

GBSA’s just-in-time inventory management system provides buyers with more control and lower costs.

While the details are unique for every customer, our just-in-time inventory system guarantees a six-month supply of products. The large order size allows you to take advantage of up-front pricing with no additional sales tax on stocked items.

After helping you determine your total-usage in a six-month period, we become an extension of your management team. GBSA helps to “manage” your inventory by checking daily to see what products are in-stock at your location. We then determine whether we need to replenish from our in-house inventory or place an order to re-manufacture the parts.

In addition to reduced costs, and more efficient daily operations, you’ll have the added bonus of reduced warehouse space.

In House Vulcanizing

Vulcanization is a process where rubber is modified by crosslinking individual polymer chains using heat and chemical additives. This makes the rubber stronger, more rigid and able to withstand more stress.

If your required seal is not in stock, we can vulcanize small or large diameters to meet your custom needs. Turnaround is fast, usually 1-5 days depending on your order size.

Custom Coating

Custom coatings are available for nearly all metal and rubber products. Options include:

  • Anti-friction
  • CEDC
  • Clear or grey zinc
  • Phosphates
  • Powder
  • Teflon
  • Yellow dichromate


Kitting & Custom Packaging

Interested in faster receipt of goods and a reduction in downtime? Consider kitting. GBSA can help to audit your process and determine if kitting, or combining different parts into a single part number is best for your process.

We can also help ensure your materials are in the correct quantities, accurately packaged and properly labeled. As part of our custom packaging program, we can break down your bulk packages into lean units.

Global Sourcing

GBSA’s global reach and purchasing experience provide the most cost-effective solutions for you.

All of our global resources are ISO certified, so you can count on unsurpassed quality and delivery. And, as a GBSA customer, YOU are our first concern when it comes to giving you an unparalleled product at an incomparable price.