V-Seal Engineering Made Simple

GBSA V-Seals are simple. Simple to order. Simple to install. Simple to operate.

Our engineers designed one-piece, all-rubber rotary shaft seals to stretch to fit virtually any shaft. No matter the material or alignment, you’ll get a tight, contaminant-stopping seal that will not only meet, but exceed your quality and performance needs.

On the rare occasion that we don’t have a mold for your specific size, we have the capabilities to vulcanize our seals or make a tool for the size you need.

Parts of the Rotary Shaft V-Seal

The v-seal is comprised of three basic parts.

  1. The body of the seal holds it in place on the shaft or mounting surface.
  2. The cone shaped flexible lip rides in light contact with the counter surface and does the sealing.
  3. The resilient hinge joins the body and lip together, providing the force required to keep the lip against the counter surface.

Rotary Shaft V-Seal Installation

Easily installed by hand and held in place by their own tension, they can be used as a primary or secondary seal for an oil seal, mechanical seal or labyrinth. Ideal for preventing dirt, water or oil contamination, v-seals are also superb crease retainers.

All rubber, the v-seal can stretch to 40% of its molded I.D., so it can easily be stretched over flanges, collars and entire bearing housings during assembly. The same resiliency holds the seal in place without the need for springs or clamps.

How to install a GBSA V-Seal

Rotary Shaft V-Seal Function

  1. Used alone, the v-seal keeps lubrication in and contamination out.
  2. Acting as a slinger, the v-seal lip keeps dirt and water out and grease in.
  3. Secondary seal for oil seal, mechanical seal or labyrinth.
  4. Acts as check valve during grease purging.

Rotary Shaft V-Seal Selection

There are several factors that must be considered when selecting a v-seal, including:

  • Temperature
  • Compatibility
  • Materials
  • Shaft Finishes
  • Tolerance
  • Speed

Browse v-seal technical information to learn more about considerations for each of these factors.

Speak with a Design Engineer about Additional Rotary Shaft Seal Capabilities

We also offer in-house vulcanization of large and small diameter v-seals in order to accommodate your application and reduce lead times.

To better understand how our engineers can assist you in the design of your v-seal please fill out our contact form, or send an email to [email protected] with a design of your existing part.

If you would like to speak with a sales engineer regarding a quote, please call 800-837-4272.