AgriTraxx® Midrollers

Industry’s BEST and ONLY “No Bond Failure Guarantee”

To maximize productivity, agricultural rubber tracked equipment is operating at the highest possible speeds. Unfortunately, this practice comes at the expense of wheel failures, downtime and track damage. Together with engineers, tractor and track designers created the AgriTraxx® Midrollers to address this problem. Now heralded by many agricultural professionals, the AgriTraxx® Midrollers minimize damage and tearing on rubber tracks and guide blocks, and significantly improve wheel and track work-life.


AgriTraxx® Midrollers Applications

Agriculture, or construction, applications that require continuous operation handling heavy loads, high speeds and towing may benefit from AgriTraxx® Midrollers.

AgriTraxx® Midrollers are available through our Core Exchange Program* for most popular equipment makes, including:

  • AGCO Challenger® MT800
  • AGCO Challenger® MT700
  • Case Rowtrac™
  • Case IH Quadtrac®
  • John Deere® 8RT
  • John Deere® 8000T

*All manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only. It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer.

Through the Core Exchange Program, customers that need wheels now can send in their worn midroller cores in exchange for new ones. We save you the hassle of waiting for your old cores to be refurbished and retreaded.

AgriTraxx® MidRollers Features & Benefits


Accompanied By No Bond Failure Guarantee

AgriTraxx® Midrollers Polyurethane compounded wheels are backed by the industry’s only No Bond Failure Guarantee, further reassuring the extreme performance claim in AgriTraxx® Midrollers.

You can learn more about the terms of the guarantee here.


Significantly Extended Wear & Track Life

The AgriTraxx® Midrollers significantly extend both midroller and track life. They are polyurethane compound engineered to generate less heat, reduce chunking and provide the highest cut and tear resistance. The polyurethane does not capture debris and score the track, and the lower operating temperatures reduce rubber track deterioration.

The image below shows how the midrollers’ durability and temperature compare to rubber. Unlike rubber, the Midrollers are also resistant to oils, UV, weak acids, diesel fuel and moisture.

AgriTraxx Midrollers compared to rubber wheels

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