Optimize Your Application with Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Our integrated engineering services include design, reverse engineering and complete product testing and evaluation. The properties and dynamics of the intended use of your part will be carefully analyzed to ensure our molded rubber parts optimize your application.

Working with GBSA on your custom molded rubber part, you can:

  • Choose from several production methods, including injection, compression and transfer molding
  • Fabricate your part using our wide selection of elastomers
  • Get assistance with rubber to metal bonding
  • Select value added services such as just-in-time stocking, kitting and custom packaging

An added benefit, our state of the art vision system ensures you:

  • Quick, direct feedback of results
  • Tight tolerance measurements of all parts
  • Precise dimensional measurements that compensate for calculated temperature changes, your material of choice and coating specifications

Talk to an Engineer

If you’d like to speak with a design engineer about a concept, call 800-837-4272. Or, fill out the form and we’ll contact you within 1 day.