The daily challenges faced by medical and healthcare facilities call for faster, safer and more reliable equipment. As many companies are focusing on patient-first care, new equipment needs to deliver the same value.

GBSA helps OEMs deliver high quality, consistently innovative components so end-users can uphold their mission to improve quality of life and care.


Why Partner with GBSA for Your Medical & Healthcare Needs?

  • We offer quick prototyping for medical plastics
  • We offer complete assembly work and competitive pricing
  • We can match the colors (or, paints) already being used in your application
  • We build special packages tailored to your needs, including stocking programs and kitting


Medical & Healthcare Applications using GBSA Products

  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Oxygen Tank Handles
  • Pharmaceutical V-Mixers (FDA approved)
  • Portable Testing Equipment


Recommended Products

  • Plastic Injection Molded Components
  • Specialty Sealing Applications
  • V-Seals
  • Wire Formed Parts