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Contrary to popular belief, GBSA specializes in much more than seals and stamping. Our expertise with manufacturing and distribution of plastic components is among the best in the industry. Utilizing the most respected plastic materials and thermoplastics like Valox® and Delrin® helps us ensure superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties while offering excellent chemical and flame resistance, tremendous dielectric strength and consistent operation throughout a wide range of temperatures. Ideal for a wide range of products including switches and controls, circuit breaker enclosures, electrical appliance components, various medical applications and electronic connectors, manufacturers from around the world place their trust in GBSA plastic components for their products.

To better understand our plastic components capability for your unique application, please complete our online Request For Quote data sheet and provide us with a drawing of your part. If you need assistance in the design of this part or would like to speak with a sales engineer regarding a quote, please call us at 800 837 4272 or