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All applications are not created equal. The different sizes, shapes, tolerances and uses will not only determine the design of the molded rubber parts, but also which materials will be best suited for the job. That’s why our engineers carefully analyze the properties and dynamics of the intended use of the part to ensure our molded rubber parts optimize your operations. Our expertise in a wide variety of elastomers and thermoplastic materials ensures that we deliver greater flexibility and fast turnaround times for a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, electronic, medical, mechanical and household items.

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In addition to manufacturing custom molded rubber parts according to our customer’s requirements, we are also very dependable when it comes to Rubber to Metal Bonding. There are many uses for Rubber to Metal Bonded parts which can be most commonly associated with isolating vibration or noise during manufacturing processes or even in end user equipment. Some parts you may run across that bond rubber and metal together are; oil seals, vibration dampeners, slingers, spacers, washers, and much more.

rubber to metal bonding

Rubber bonded-to-metal is a process that adheres rubber to metal parts in order to create a product that has an air-tight and water tight seal. The bonded metal gives the part strength and stiffness so it can withstand high pressure. The bonded rubber provides the metal with elasticity and damping properties. There are a wide variety of applications this process can be used for.

To better understand our molded rubber parts capabilities for your unique application please complete our online Request For Quote data sheet and provide us with a drawing of your part. If you need assistance in the design of this part or would like to contact us for a quote, please call us at 800 837 4272 or