Company Profiles

The GBSA team is comprised of highly talented individuals who have decades of experience with seals, rings, molded rubber and machined components. Their engineering expertise and product knowledge is among the best in the industry.

Judy Pratt

General Manager

Judy has been with GBSA for over 25 years. She spreads the gift of trust, perseverance and integrity to virtually every customer she meets and everyone who has the pleasure to work for her. “I want to treat every customer like our top priority”, she said. “And I can’t tell you how many times, after 5 o’clock, we’ve done shipping, tracking or service to customers. It all goes back to the people that work here….engineering, procurement, logistics and customer service…we’re all heavily involved.”Judy attended Lakeland College and lives with her husband, daughter and son in Mentor.

Kim Edwards

Customer Service Manager

Kim has been involved in customer service since she first came to GBSA over 15 years ago. “I’ve always enjoyed working with people”, she said. Kim is very detailed at keeping records of what product went to whom on what day. She also works closely with sales and shipping to ensure customers are receiving their product on time.Kim lives in Geneva and enjoys the outdoors.

Chris Carver

Shipping/Receiving Manager

Chris has been with GBSA for nearly 20 years. Chris really enjoys the variety of his job from importing product to working with local vendors, managing the warehouse and even setting up transportation for customer deliveries. “There’s really never a dull moment for me and I love that!” says Chris.Chris lives with his wife and kids in Wickliffe, OH.