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Whether you’re trying to retain liquids or protect against unwanted contaminants mixing with vital fluids, your seals are the first, and last line of defense. That’s why all GBSA seals are manufactured from the finest quality rubbers, elastomers, plastics and metals in the marketplace. Engineered to stand up to even the toughest conditions, GBSA seals are specified by the most discerning professionals in industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Material handling
  • Electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Appliances
  • Food industry
  • Pulp and paper
  • Electric equipment
  • Steel mills
  • Military
  • Pillow blocks

Rotary Shaft Sealing

Rotary shaft seals are typically used to seal a rotating shaft or rod and are designed to protect bearings and internal components from dirt, water and other media that might cause premature failure of the equipment. These seals also play the important role in retaining the bearing lubricant. The different sealing arrangements can be found in washing machines, industrial gear boxes, electric motors, pumps, wind turbines, automotive components, hydraulic systems and many other applications.

The most common types of rotary shaft seals are; oil seals, grease seals, lip seals, bearing seals, labyrinth seals and v-seals or v-rings. Depending on the application, a radial shaft seal can be rubber encased or metal encased, with different lip styles and elastomer types.

oil seal type TCThe profile illustration shown here is a TC Style Oil Seal. This seal has a rubber covered OD for better sealing and features a dual lip with a garter spring. The outside lip is called a dust lip and inside lip (with spring) is the sealing lip. The extra dust lip helps prevent contaminants from getting to the sealing lip and in turn extends the life of the system it is protecting.

Oil Seal Installation

When installing an Oil Seal, lead-in chamfers or round edges should be used on the shaft to avoid damage to the sealing lips. A thin protective sleeve made of plastic or aluminum can be used to assist. Use a press or clamp to ensure a uniform load on the seal.