engineering and reverse engineering

Design Consultations

GBSA technical and application design consultations are designed to help you become more competitive. Our consultations include:

  • Selecting appropriate materials
  • Meeting pre-determined part requirements
  • Integrating various parts for optimal function
  • Optimizing for environment in which parts function
  • Managing friction


Reverse Engineering Custom Parts

We can help your team to design and produce custom products for just about any application.

We leverage our material, industry and engineering knowledge to propose the most competitive and cost-effective solution for you. The reverse engineering process usually follows these steps:

  1. Thorough review of application details and operating parameters
  2. Consultation with engineers and other industry experts
  3. Failure testing
  4. Analysis of materials
  5. Develop and test prototypes

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Molding Custom Parts

Our custom molding capabilities include transfer, compression and injection molding.

Compression Molding

Material is placed into a cavity – ensuring total cavity fill. Then, heat and pressure are applied so the material flows and fills the cavity.

This is usually the preferred method for medium hardness compounds in high volume production or in applications with higher cost materials.

Transfer Molding

Material is placed into a pot between a top plate and plunger. Then, the material is squeezed from the pot into a cavity through orifices, often referred to as gates or sprues.

Injection Molding

Material is heated to a flowing state and injected from a heating chamber through a series of runners, or sprues, into a mold.

The most automated of the three molding processes, this is usually the preferred method for high volume production of simple rubber molded parts.


With a robust and comprehensive quality system, GBSA consistently strives to exceed customer expectations.
We engineer integrity, perfection and trust into every product we make, every service we offer and every customer we serve.