Mechanical Seals Catalog

Cartex® Seals from EagleBurgmann

Cartex DN 02 mechanical sealCartex mechanical seals are fully preassembled units for standard and large bore seal chambers on centrifugal pumps. They are also ideal for stuffing box conversions from packings, and for use on original equipment without seal chamber modifications. Cartex seal flanges are equipped with all auxiliary piping connections. Whether you require a seal with a flush, quench, liquid barrier or gas injection, Cartex offers both liquid and gas seals to meet your needs. Double seals (ASDN, ABDN) or quench (ASQN/ABQN) and throttle-bushing seals (ASTN/ABTN) are recommended as a safeguard for handling dangerous products. Flush-style seals (ASPN/ABPN) run cool and protect seal faces for longer life. Cartex gas barrier seals (ASGSD/ABGSD) are recommended when “zero product leakage” to the atmosphere is the goal.

Cartex explosion viewAll Cartex seals feature interchangeable sealing elements so you can assemble exactly the right seal for your application from a reduced inventory, for fast economical service in the field. In addition, Cartex seals are easier to install and safer to use because they feature improved assembly fixtures. These seals also feature stationary springs safely positioned outside the product to avoid corrosion, monolithic seal faces to increase stability, plus a wide variety of arrangements for various services.

Some other common applications for mechanical seals include:

  • Agitators
  • Mixers
  • Displacement pumps
  • Conveying pulp with stock pumps
  • Conveying timber to refiners with pumping screws
  • Circulation of pulp-and water mixtures in storage vessels
  • Pump stations for wast water treatment
  • Cooling water pumps for energy generation

Industrial Markets:

  • Water- and waste water
  • Pulp- and paper industry
  • Mining industry
  • Power plant technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Process technology

If you have an application for a mechanical seal, contact our Sales or Engineering department at 1-800-837-4272.